Saturday, April 14, 2018

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The Privacy War

We all are aware of the latest Facebook privacy concern that took the world by storm. Facebook currently is facing a probe on it. While Facebook might not to be blamed completely it is definitely not an issue to ignore.
With tech giants eager to promote user experience and also to sell ads, are they crossing the line in tracking user behaviour.
When it comes to Android vs iOS, iOS does not allow developers to access too sensitive data from your phone whereas Android is more liberal on that front in the sense that developers can just by adding a simple permission in their apps can access almost all the data stored on your android device.
There are of course pros and cons of both the approach taken by two big giants, for example some apps in iOS does not work as seamlessly in iOS as in Android due to these restrictions, but the former is more respected for its privacy centric policy by users while the latter is popular for its competitive price and glossy features.

Android is definitely losing this battle of trust among its users, but are we ready for sacrificing some features that android has to offer in exchange for more secure environment, consider for example truecaller's real time caller id feature (not feasible on iOS), it is a very good example to give a contrast between the security vs user-experience debate.

The world is getting more privacy savvy and security concerned. The core problem is that today people generate and store a vast amount of data on their phone such as financial data and saved passwords, in such situation just one bad app is enough to cause a great damage to peoples lives.

With more stronger privacy law, say for example GDPR, being coming into force all over, it is interesting to see how much of this trade-off is too much.

There has to be a revolutionary invention in the field of cyber security to address these issues and end the debate.

At the same time it is also important that tech companies do not collect too much data from users' devices, after all people are willing to sacrifice some user experience in favour of security. Apple is perhaps the best example. Inspite of its restrictive policy for developers iOS apps are as good as or sometimes even better than Android.


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